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Waste Cubes® is primarily a roll-off dumpster or debris container rental service company. We have 12 yd, 18 yd, and larger yardage options available for short term and long term, residential and commercial projects.

We service the Craven, Carteret, Pamlico, Jones, Onslow & Beaufort Counties.

Here at Waste Cubes®, we believe in saving money for saving time, that’s why we offer up to 33% off the quoted base container price if you complete your project within 3 days.

We also offer containers for split-rental between residential neighbors or commercial construction projects, saving both parties involved time and money.

waste cubes container
18 yd container12

Our containers are compact yet spacious, able to be easily fit into just one car space. Most residential projects only require our 12 yd container, although we have larger yardage options available upon request.

Dumpster Rental Service, serving Beaufort, Craven, Carteret, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Pamlico, & Pitt Counties.

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